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  City of Warner Robins, Department of Human Resources – 478.293.1006

The Warner Robins Police Department has established itself as one of the leading law enforcement agencies in the Middle Georgia area. Our department is unique in its strong sense of camaraderie and family oriented work environment. Our selection process is competitive, but rewarding for those who join our ranks.  Applications for all positions must be obtained through the City of Warner Robins Human Resources Department located at 700 Watson Blvd.

  CLICK HERE to view our department's updated Tattoo Policy  

Officers with our agency receive:


-Ample training opportunities


-Soft body armor, Rifle vest, all leather gear


-Duty gun, long gun, back up gun, taser


-Take home vehicle


-All duty and training uniforms provided


-Full paid scholarship to the state Mandated Police Academy with meal allowance


-3 day weekend every other week


-Paid holidays, vacation and sick leave


-Rotating shifts


-Opportunities for SWAT, K9 and Traffic Units


-Tuition Reimbursement


-Paid Retirement


 -Health Insurance and Dental Insurance covered for employee and family for less than $40 a pay period


-$50,000 Life Insurance plan free of charge to employee with opportunity to increase plan


-$35,418.24/year (starting salary)




Minimum age of 20 to apply. Must be 21 years of age upon successful completion of Field Training Program. 

 Must be a High school graduate or the equivalent, have a valid Driver’s License and a good driving history. Must have completed and passed the Basic Skills Test.


Hiring Checklist



-Complete Basic Skills Test You must complete one of the following: ACCUPLACER, ACT, ASSET, SAT or CPE. The ACCUPLACER exam may be taken at any Georgia technical college. Any fees charged by the college are the responsibility of the applicant, but will be reimbursed to those who successfully complete the hiring process.


**College degrees are accepted in lieu of Basic Skills Test scores**

Those who achieve at least the minimum scores required by Georgia POST will be eligible to continue to the next step of the hiring process.

Required Minimum Test Scores (As of July 2016)
Reading: 224   Verbal/English: 18   Reading: 38   Verbal: 430   English: 75
Writing: 236   Reading: 18   Writing: 35   Math: 400   Reading: 75
    Math: 16           Math: 75
  For more information on the ACCUPLACER test click here  

-Submit Test Scores


Bring  your test results and a photo ID to Human Resources located at Warner Robins City Hall 700 Watson Boulevard Room 209.


While at Human Resources complete the "Police Department Waiver and Release of Claim" forms and sign up for the next Physical Agility Test

  -Complete Background Investigation Package  
  Applicants will be issued an in-depth background package. The package should be completed and returned to WRPD along with the requested documentation. Members of the WRPD Office of Professional Services will conduct the background investigation.

Applicants who successfully complete the Background Investigation will be eligible to continue to the next step in the hiring process.

  Applicants who do not pass the Background Investigation will receive a letter stating that they are not eligible to re-apply for positions within the WRPD.  
  -Complete Physical Agility Test  
  This is a timed test containing a series of practical physical movements and challenges that a police officer would experience during the performance of their duties. Please wear clothes that are appropriate for running and climbing.

Applicants may schedule an appointment to practice the Physical Agility Test prior to the testing date by calling the Training Division at (478) 929-7252.

The Physical Agility Test will be held at 210 Stalnaker Avenue at 7:30AM.

 All applicants must successfully complete the course in the maximum allotted time of 56 seconds. Failing to negotiate any obstacle or crossing the finish line without all issued equipment will constitute failing.




April 29

May 20

June 10

July 1

July 22

August 12

September 9

September 30

October 21

November 18

December 9 

  -Complete Assessment Center  
  The Assessment Center tests basic skills of reading and writing. It also measures a variety of other skills to include judgment, problem solving, motivation, interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Applicants who have successfully passed the Physical Agility Test will complete the Assessment at 10AM on the same day as the Physical Agility Test. The Assessments will be held at Second Baptist Church at 2504 Moody Road Warner Robins, GA 31088. The Assessments will be conducted from 10AM to approximately 5PM.

Those who do not pass the Assessment Center are eligible to re-apply.

  Once applicants complete the Basic Skills Test, Physical Agility Test, Assessment and Background Package they will proceed to an interview panel consisting of the Chief of Police and Command Staff members.

Applicants not selected during the interview process will receive a letter stating that they were not selected and are eligible to re-apply after one year.

  -Conditional Offer of Employment  
  If the applicant is being considered for hire, he/she will be given a conditional offer of employment by the Human Resources Department, pending the results of the following: Polygraph, Psychological Exam, Medical Physical Exam, Drug Screening and Alcohol Screening.

The tests will be scheduled by Human Resources, the applicant will be notified when and where to complete each test.

**All of the above tests must be passed to receive an offer of employment**




Thank you for your military service!

  The Warner Robins Police Department offers several incentives for applicants with prior military service including:  
  -One additional week of annual leave  
  -Immediate eligibility for health insurance  
  -Signing bonus  
  -Enhanced pension benefits based on military years of service  
  Veterans Signing Bonus  
  If military service is related to law enforcement you are eligible for a signing bonus to be paid in equal installments over five years.  
  $1,000 for 1-4 years active duty service  
  $2,000 for 8 years of active duty service  
  $3,000 for 12 years of active duty service  
  $4,000 for 16 years of active duty service  
  $5,000 for 20 or more years of service  
  $1,000 for every 8 years of service in the reserve unit of the U.S. military.  
  Enhanced Pension for Veterans  
  The city of Warner Robins provides enhanced benefits for city employees who were honorably discharged after service in the United States Armed Forces resulting in credited service for pension benefit purposes.  
  1-4 years of active duty service (one additional year of credited service)  
  8 years of active duty service (two additional years of credited service)  
  12 years of active duty service (three additional years of credited service)  
  16 years of active duty service (four additional years of credited service)  
  20 or more years of active duty service (five additional years of credited service)  
  One year of credited service for every eight years of service in the reserve unit of the U.S. military (up to a maximum of 5 years)  
Below is a list of additional resources to assist you with the police officer applicant process. This information is posted as a courtesy and is not meant to be all inclusive.



Civilian Employment Opportunities 

The City of Warner Robins only accepts applications for open positions. Open positions may require documents to be presented in order to receive and application. These required documents will be stated in the details of the open position job announcement. To apply for a position, applicants must bring all documents to Human Resources Department, City Hall, 700 Watson Boulevard, Room 209, Warner Robins, GA 31093. Applicants can apply in person Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 

CLICK HERE to view open civilian positions 



Internships at the Warner Robins Police Department are unpaid, and are only offered to students currently enrolled in a college program where they will receive class credit for the course.

 During the program students will shadow professionals in all areas of law enforcement, including but  not limited to patrol officers, detectives, investigators and training officers.

The program is highly competitive and spaces are limited.

To apply for an internship with our agency please complete the Internship Application and return it to Public Information Officer, Jennifer Parson at

Applicants must complete the interview process and background check to be considered.

An essay of your experience and knowledge gained is required at the end of the internship program.